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Proof that we're visual creatures

Proof that we're visual creatures
From scrolling through Instagram, to pinning on Pinterest, and snapping selfies, we love images. Here's how you can transform your branded content into imagery that will get anyone's eyelids fluttering.

Published: 26 May, 2015

Proof that we're visual creatures

What's the photo on your computer or phone background at the moment? Perhaps a sunset over surfers. Family on holiday. Maybe a selfie with your favourite people.

Well if you're like us, it won’t be the default provided and we think the reason is simple: we're visual creatures.

80% of what we learn is through our eyes and 80% of our memories are determined by what we see.

Yet it is easy to forget this when we try to translate the visual world into different media for digital and marketing spaces.

You've heard us speak about Content is King and if that's true, then surely images are the crown jewels of content.

The proof is that we see more award-winning websites today that focus engagement through stunning imagery and use that to inform the design rather than the other way around. It’s big, it’s beautiful and best of all, it engages the senses.

Everyone can do it and here are tips when preparing imagery for your next digital or marketing expedition.

Three tips for better branding by imagery

  1. Exclusivity
    Commission images if you can. Don't force the direction either, engage photographers of the appropriate experience that can create and direct you to the best composition of images.
  2. Audience
    Aim for images that your viewers will engage with. It's becoming increasingly popular to use user-generated images too, the source is the audience! Ask owners via Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms and you'll be surprised at the friendly responses you may receive to grant permission to use their pictures.
  3. Leverage Uniqueness
    What's special about your brand? Can it be represented visually? Is it a uniform that looks like the Hamburgler, a time lapse view of the 237 delivery trucks moving in and out of your warehouse, or an office in a great location or with fancy walls on the inside? If so, snap a shot or shoot it up today and put it in the face of your audience tomorrow.

Here's our fast five list of websites that got our eyelids fluttering last week. They're not big brands either, so stunning visual websites are achievable for any business.

  1. Andre do Amaral
  2. Buffalo Systems
  3. Ines-Papert
  4. Nua Bikes
  5. Kassandra Bay

Here are some other useful tips on licensing at Getty Images.

And the websites above? Well, we found those just from being curious visual creatures.