UX design.

We believe that great design makes a big difference.

In our digital-first world, well designed products and services are a valuable asset and a competitive advantage. As a UX agency with 15 years of experience, our tested, human-centered design process leads to excellent user experiences.

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We design for your audience

We believe that a human-focused design paired with audience-specific messaging is at the core of an amazing customer experience. Our user experience (UX) design process creates intuitive designs, in-line with how your customer would expect to interact with your website or application.

Our design decisions are underpinned by best-practice and usability principles which will never be 'untrendy' i.e. getting the user to perform the action required in a way that is simply understood - resulting in higher conversions and engagement.

Persona DevelopmentPersona Development
Profiling your customer types by providing a reference for their goals, motivations, expectations.
Information ArchitectureInformation Architecture
Developing the sitemaps and structuring information to map the navigation and journeys.
User JourneyUser Journey
A visual interpretation of an individual's journey through your website or application.
Visual representation of a website that frames the structure and layout of content.
PrototypesClickable Prototypes
Converting the wireframes into interactive screens, where user testing can be carried out to validate the user journey.
User InterfaceUser Interfaces
The finished design product. Always creative, inspirational and imaginative.

Be part of an inclusive creative process

After sketching ideas, wireframes are developed and presented to key stakeholders and a working group comprising key personas to ensure that layout, structure, general user-flows, and the information architecture is acceptable. Feedback is incorporated which informs the next stage.

Once structure, layouts and user-flows are confirmed, wireframes are converted to visual designs and presented back to key stakeholders and the working group.

Utilising this process, the group is aware of the design direction of the project, has provided enough feedback and input to ensure each business unit (or stakeholder) is represented, and our goal to provide an amazing customer experience is underway.

Consistency across channels

We map customer experiences by understanding how audiences interact with your product or business across web, mobile and outdoor environments. As consumers interact with your digital services on different devices and environments, we maintain a consistent design and message in a multiscreen and 'always-on' world.

We validate early and often

After designing visuals, navigation and content hierarchies we validate our approach through analysis, tracking and testing, resulting in products and services that customers actually want.

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