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Why mobile matters now more than ever

Why mobile matters now more than ever
Research has shown what we already know: mobile is a huge opportunity. When a company correctly engages its mobile fan base, it positions itself for great reward – sales. Unfortunately, many companies are not presenting themselves and their websites in a mobile-friendly manner. Let's have a look at why mobile works so well at this point, and what you need to be doing to make the most of mobile platforms.

Published: 13 Feb, 2013

Why mobile matters now more than ever

Mobile-ready sites bring in sales

If you've tried to visit any website from your mobile only to find that a small-screen version of the site is not available, you know first-hand the frustration that modern, mobile consumers feel in that situation.

Companies that provide adequate (read engaging) mobile content speak to the growing trend toward mobile shopping and product discovery.

Recently, travel booking site Priceline(.com) has seen 31% of its business go mobile. That is a clear victory from a company keen to address the mobile tendencies of its customers. Every company would be wise to take note, though. Companies that get mobile right they enjoy several benefits, regardless of industry niche.

Some interesting stats related to mobile-friendly sites:

  • 67% say that they are more likely to make a purchase from a mobile-ready site than a non-mobile site.
  • 50% say they will move away from a non-mobile site in favour of a mobile-ready site.
  • 48%  say that if a company's site won't work on their smartphone, It makes them feel that the company can't be bother to address them.

The mutual benefits of mobile

We're all doing it: using our smartphones as we discovery products and services that fit into our busy lives. The mobile webpage is a quick, immediately accessible opportunity for a company to connect with consumers in a way that is mutually beneficial.

On one side of the mobile exchange, consumers enjoy the benefit of being able to access whatever they want, whenever they want – as long as it is actually. On the opposite end of the spectrum, companies providing mobile content are challenged to narrow the focus of their content to that which really matters.

More often than not, that means focusing on providing an easy option to buy. With that in mind, it's easy to see why mobile is just as useful to businesses as it is to consumers. It's all the selling, minus all the overblown effort.

Final Thoughts

Mobile websites are a stone that none of us can stand to leave unturned. Reflect on your own mobile usage and you'll have a good indication of how your customers are using mobile in their product discovery efforts.  

The benefits of mobile readiness encompass customers and businesses alike, and the data is beginning to reflect what we already understand: mobile matters now more than ever.