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Top tips for mobile marketing success during the holidays

Top tips for mobile marketing success during the holidays
The holidays are a great time for advertising, so long as the marketing strategy in question is well formulated and engaging. So what are the top considerations for the savvy digital marketer this season?

Published: 7 Dec, 2012

Top tips for mobile marketing success during the holidays

Let's have a look at the best practices, as well as pitfalls, of holiday advertising to bear in mind in order to make the most of the holiday shopping season.

The local connection

The holidays are definitely a time of year when shoppers are actively willing to get out of the house, pound the pavement, and shop in a brick-and-mortar store. The smart money for marketing this season is all about engaging the current local shopping revival aided by mobile tech.

Geo-targeted campaigns that address the desire for mobile product discovery during hands-on shopping will prove helpful throughout the season. Mobile apps and ads should offer in-store incentives and grabbing creative leading to product discovery and purchases, of course.

The shoppers are already on their way to the stores - your mobile marketing marketing will only be as valuable as its ability to steer them to your store or product.

SoLoMo: the phrase to know

"Social, local, and mobile" represent the make-up of marketing this holiday season (and likely going forward). The three concepts are on the verge of offering an enduring three-pronged attack strategy that fully breaks with older marketing efforts.

The best part of starting out with SoLoMo: the ability to gauge the most successful element and tailor your marketing budget to suit.

If, for example, you find that the majority of your conversions are resulting from your targeted newsletter (discounts coupons usually work well), then you can focus your efforts (and funds) in that direction for maximum ROI. As we all know, digital marketing is all about the ability to adapt to consumer demands, and SoLoMo allows your efforts to shift with the ebb and flow of your customers with greater ease than ever before.

Integrated mobile marketing

The holidays are sure to be sweet for businesses that make use of mobile ads and apps alongside other outlets like TV, in-store displays, and conventional web advertisements.

The fluidity of this integration can lead to interaction in the best cases. Since physical displays can attract mobile interaction through social media and app integration, companies can feel free to get creative when drawing in shoppers through integrated strategies, which can in turn lead to more interactions; and conversions, better still.

Improved click-through

One of the more interesting trends of late is the tendency of consumers to be less frightened by making purchases through mobile ad click-through. For the longest time, some consumers have viewed mobile ads as mostly annoying, unreliable intrusions.

Thankfully, this trend is changing. Due in part to higher-quality and more tasteful (and in truth, less obvious) marketing on the part of businesses, the old objections to mobile purchases are fading fast.

As the holiday season rolls on and consumers are more willing to spend money, more ads will be clicked. As long as the content and, ultimately, the company in the ad deliver on customer expectations, this new willingness to click-through for mobile purchases will lead to long term consumer trust in the mobile device as a point of sale.

What to watch out for

  • The holiday trap - The wise marketer will approach the holidays with some caution. We do not want our mobile ads to seem too "Christmas-y" as there is definitely some consumer backlash toward the over-commercialisation of that particular holiday. Keep your ads product/service focused, with just a dash of holiday flare. This will also maintain neutrality toward those consumers celebrating other holidays, too.
  • Do not forget the reason for the season - The holidays are the perfect time for a good freebie. Nearly every business likes to throw out the occasional “free” item or low-ball promo, and consumers are usually quick to respond. Remember that while freebies may not do much immediately for profitability, they work wonder s for brand image in the long run.
  • Go easy on returns - The holidays are a time to pick up first time customers. One of the best ways to keep them is to keep your refund/return policy fair to them immediately following the holidays. Even if someone does not want to keep a product that has been given to them as a gift, they will remember your awesome customer service style for years to come if you make the return policy as easy as it can be.