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Using YouTube to build your brand

Using YouTube to build your brand
Free video hosting on YouTube is a great way to build your brand. How do you take advantage of it?

Published: 13 Feb, 2013

Using YouTube to build your brand

The problem with YouTube ads

The biggest issue with YouTube 'ads' is that such blatant advertisements fly in the face of the underlying appeal of online video sharing.

YouTube got its start by not being TV. The platform lets average users post videos that anyone can see easily. So the appeal is the lack of advertisements, the openness to anyone, and the community vibe among YouTubers.

The truth is, the paid ads at the beginning of the videos are just annoying. We all venture onto YouTube to watch videos in an unprecedentedly on-demand way, and those paid ads and prompts to ‘skip video in five seconds' can actually be repellent.

Skip YouTube Ad

Another problem is that professional ads, with all the over-the-top production, find themselves in strange company against user-generated content on YouTube - a fact that only serves to underline the fact that the watcher is being sold. And that's not a good thing.

What YouTube does best

YouTube is a place for content that can help your brand.

Your own how-to and product promotional videos are more valuable than commercial placement on YouTube. Perhaps even more valuable than those things would be positive, user-generated content relating to your brand.

Try and preserve the maverick spirit of YouTube when building a brand, and to make sure that even your commercial videos posted on the site don’t translate as commercials.

Your ad dollars will be better invested if you put them into creating engaging video content, or enlisting popular niche video bloggers (aka 'influencers') to help spread your message.

What consumers want on YouTube

  • Product/service reviews - more than ever, consumers are doing some homework as part of the product/service discovery process. Trustworthy video reviews are some of the best promotions you could ask for, and YouTube is a go-to place to learn about - and even see - the products we might want to buy.
  • Promo videos - Consumers will checkout a new product promo video in a heartbeat. Shoppers feel better about watching content that is advertorial in nature so long as they have sought it out on their terms - a clear distinction from watching a commercial.
  • Comments - you have the option to turn off the comments for any video you post to YouTube, but the community aspect is part of the allure of the site. It's better to allow comments, but monitor them, than to disable them.
  • Links - If a video works in gaining a prospective person's attention, the effort is only worthwhile if you make sure there is something to click in order to move the customer further through the sales funnel. Don’t forget that sales are the ultimate goals.