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The secret to #winning on Twitter

The secret to #winning on Twitter
Digital marketing strategies are always evolving, but backing them with simple tactics will help your message stand out on Twitter’s hashtag highway.

Published: 19 Feb, 2014

The secret to #winning on Twitter

Here's an idea - be human

Sportsbet (@sportsbetcomau) paid-out returns as though Mark Webber had come first in the 2013 Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix, despite his second place finish. Aussie Webber was leading when the Red Bull Racing team ordered drivers to hold position. Teammate Vettal ignored the orders and passed Webber to claim the victory.

Many media stories ensued, saying it was un-Australian. Most people watching at the time agreed.

Sportsbet responded in human kind, ignoring the automated computer-calculated results and authorising the additional payout. That's being human.

A strong and compelling story to one audience may inspire another audience

Your customers are obviously your audience, but have you considered story-selling through tweets by an employee about day-to day work rather than the product itself?

You will open up the possibility of customer purchases based on knowing something about your company culture. Your audience will infer that your goods must be great, because your people project a favourable image.

What about team-building and expansion? Potential employees on the prowl may respond better to an interesting story that promotes an innovative, quality, functional product than to an advertisement of an actual vacancy.

After all people would rather be part of something cool than boring.

The next step: let employees have a tweet-seat for a day or week. Relax and let some of the many office moments that usually remain safely behind-closed-doors find their way onto your Twitter feed.

Break the monotony of a Twitter feed that only mentions your product or service

Engage in regular short conversations on timely topics. Turn the news of other's into your news.

In 100 consecutive tweets from Harvard Business Review (@HarvardBiz) in 2013 we noticed 97 were directed to blogs. More remarkably, the content contained within the tweets showed great variety.

Another engaging example from Harvard Business Review was a brief rewrite of a report that found seats in theatres have increased width in recent times, but aeroplane seats remained the same. So, does anyone else feel a bit more loved when watching a movie now that you know that?

Go with a strategy of engagement and your digital campaign will surely attract followers where you least expect them.

Now consider how these simple strategies could help you engage your customers across all social media platforms. Are you getting the most out of your social media strategy?