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The Requirement

Kooyong Group is a financier specialising in loans and financial products for doctors seeking to buy a home or start a practice. Their website needed a fresh look, compelling content, and clear messaging to reflect their refined brand.

The Solution

Bright Labs completely rebuilt Kooyong Group's website, incorporating UX design best practices to showcase their brand clearly and attractively while ensuring seamless navigation.

We also embedded videos to bring the site to life and strategically placed callouts and slogans throughout the pages to emphasise the brand's unique attributes.

The new website is elegantly simple and highly functional, with intuitive navigation that enables visitors to locate the information they need quickly and easily.

Engaging videos create a dynamic browsing experience, while on-page navigation streamlines access to key details, eliminating the need for visitors to load additional pages.

The Outcome

The redesigned site received a surge of traffic, with visitor numbers more than doubling within two years of its launch, confirming its success as a powerful tool for driving leads and building brand awareness.

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