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Why digital is the new 'normal'

Why digital is the new 'normal'
We are bearing witness to a rebirth going on right now in the digital space. For several years, digital has crept in; first as a competing idea over tradition, then as a token afterthought playing second fiddle to old-order marketing methods. Now, it's the forefront of the marketing plan.

Published: 16 Jan, 2013

Why digital is the new 'normal'

Now, digital has arrived as the belle of the ball, having come of age to stand on its own as a foundation to be built upon, rather than built-in.

Digital, friends, is the new normal when it comes to business.

The 'end of the digital beginning'

PWC’s latest report, covering 2012-2016 tells us that media is embracing digital outlets first and foremost, with traditional avenues coming into play only secondarily. According to the data, businesses across the board are reshaping and reorganising to treat digital as the core of their marketing strategies.

The report calls this phenomenon the 'end of the digital beginning.' While that is a statement that can be taken out of context easily, let's just say that early-digital has spawned a more advanced offspring: definitively digital.

Whatever you want to call it, digital is here to stay and every business, from every corner and niche, is wise to take note. Digital is the new starting point.

The pure-play digital dawn

Globally, old-order businesses are engaging in the wholesale adoption of digital. In some cases, their hands are being forced, in others they are ahead of the curve by already having a stable of digital talent in place to usher in the transition.

Digital has become so relevant that those professionals who are great at it are commoditising themselves by exiting companies hesitant or failing to embrace the new order, in favour of startups and pure-play digital outfits.

New frontiers

Print media is facing more threats than ever in this new dawn of digital. Savvy magazine publishers are saving their necks by going aggressively hybrid with digital alongside print. Still, there is no denying that the advertising money is heading into the digital space, rather than the newsstand. Companies are keenly aware of the economical scalability and actionable outcomes associated with digital - which are far easier to track than in printed mediums.

The startup crowd is effectively ignoring conventional publishing in most cases. For the new business just getting out in the world, digital is all there is - period. This means that the new method of devising business plans starts and stays in the digital space, further reinforcing the fact that digital is the foundation on which modern businesses are built.

Food for thought

A new business climate has emerged of late as a result of the widespread understanding of digital across the spectrum, from corporations to agencies.

Of course, this only works because the consumer has indicated that they are primed for it. Shoppers love digital and have come to demand it. The wise businesses of the world wake every day to find ways to better serve that consumer demand for digital.

So now might be a good time to ask yourself how your business strategy in the digital space.

Is it time to look at some new options and strategies? Are your customers sending you a signal that you need to effectively address?

If you can answer 'yes' to questions such as these, it’s the time to begin looking at ways that your business can better embrace the new normal: digital.