Are you a Worthy Brand Ambassador?

Are you a Worthy Brand Ambassador?

Will brands take notice of your dedication?

In the past few years, brands have invested in targeting influencers and those with social clout to spark conversation and fuel user-generated content, while engaging with their products or service. More often than not, it worked, very well. And as gratitude for brand advocacy, these individuals have been rewarded.

2016 will see a shift in this dynamic and have consumers trying to prove themselves to brands to get their attention. Whether it’s a test of skills, creativity, good taste or just competitive fun, watch for consumers going the extra mile to turn heads, all to join an exclusive community of others who have done the same.

Recognition is a powerful reward. Here are a couple of brands that have had many bending over backwards for exclusivity rights.

Brands on this Bandwagon


The more stringent the test, the greater the status! And what better way to bring likeminded people together from achieving a difficult challenge. Embracing the colloquialism Netflix and Chill, Netflix unveiled “The Switch”, a button that one with “a solid understanding of electronics and programming” could build that automatically switches on the TV, launches Netflix, silences your mobile, and dims the lights. The complex craft instructions are posted on the company’s website encouraging users to have a go and offer up their creative ideas to make the Netflix experience even more amazing (or as we see it, more reasons to never leave our couches).

Don’t believe us? The Switch tutorial is here.

Lee Jeans China

Lee Jeans launched a campaign across 32 cities in China to promote their range of heat-retaining denim called Magma Fusion. Instead of rallying a team of product testers, Lee Jeans posed the challenge to the public and paying customers were encouraged to explore their cities while tracking their movements with the Warmth Tracker WeChat app. Lee’s “Warmth Index” points could be accumulated when users scanned QR codes in scattered locations. These points could be used towards more Magma Fusion denim products and access to exclusive events.

It’s time for buyers to turn marketer’s heads this year. With consumers’ growing obsession to be socially famous, this trend will lend itself well to consumers working hard for brands, giving them marketable content, and even anti-up actionable ideas.

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