Top Twitter tips to help your brand succeed [Infographic]

Top Twitter tips to help your brand succeed [Infographic]

Ever wonder how effective Twitter can really be for your brand? We all know that it's a great tool for connecting with the awaiting public, but it can sometimes feel like your Tweets just sort of fizzle. Bummer, right?

Well, don't fret just yet. Based on data gathered by Buddy Media (and a handy infographic by Linchpin SEO) we've found a few tweeting tips that anyone trying to improve twitter presence will find very interesting. Like seemingly everything related to tech, many problems with Twitter emerge from operator error. So let's take a look at the data to see what we can do to get better results from branding with Twitter.

Telling numbers

Think "going viral" is a rarity? Not quite, since 78 per cent of all engagements with brands come through retweets, going by the numbers. The remaining 22 per cent of engagement through Twitter are direct replies.

Some compelling figures:

  • 92% of all brand engagement comes from Tweets containing links
  • Twitter users show 30% higher interaction rates between 8am and 7pm (which leads us to wonder: Does everyone hit up Twitter during business hours? Hmmm...)
  • Tweets containing fewer than 100 characters (well below the 140 character threshold) get better results
  • Tweets containing hashtags are twice as effective as those without. Conversely, Tweets with more than two hashtags drop 17% in terms of engagement.

The power of "retweets"

Want to know the most telling tidbit in the data? As far as we can tell, it's the power of retweets. Not only does the bulk of all meaningful brand engagement stem from the retweet, but spelling out the word r-e-t-w-e-e-t is said to be 23% more effective than the average tweet. Spelling it out is also 13% better than those containing the abbreviation "RT." (Cue the sharp decline in the use of the term "RT"… now!)

Taking it to the Tweets!

Did you also know that brands do better on the weekends, yet only 19% of brands actually tweet on the weekend? 

Hmmm, something interesting there, isn't it? Anyone else envisioning a major influx of weekend tweeting?

Final Thoughts

We love using Twitter to connect with fans and friends alike, but like any tool it's all in how you use it. Are you getting the results you'd like from your Tweets? 

If not, it might be time to put some more thought into how you approach Twitter. You may even have to cheat with what you now know (just a little bit!).

The Twitter Cheat Sheet

Twitter Cheat Sheet
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