Everyone's on social media, even grandma

Everyone's on social media, even grandma

Think grandma doesn’t use social media? Think again.

Infographic from http://mashable.com/2013/04/12/social-media-demographic-breakdown/

The big social media sites, as usual, have been making waves in the media recently. Facebook stock saw its best day of trading ever on 11 September. Now, Twitter has announced it's vying for its own IPO in the not-so-distant future. All the while, social media sites add more users each day. All these occurrences only serve to underscore what you probably already know: social media is a seriously powerful resource for connecting your business to customers.

Your brand is hopefully engaging its customers through social media. But have you ever thought about who those customers really are, in terms of market demographics? People of different ages and backgrounds are using social media in dramatically different ways. Your brand surely has identified its buyer personas, as specifically as possible, so what social platforms are those unique buying types using?

Since understanding social media demographics is essential to  making sure your money is being spent in the right way, let's take a look at some interesting numbers on the subject.

Expect the…expected?

A few statistics called out by a recent infographic from DocStoc (with data courtesy of Pew Research) tell us basically what we might have guessed about social media demographics.

Here's what we mean:

  • Facebook is the most popular social media site for adults (67%)
  • Social media is most popular with the 18 - 29 year old demographic (83%)
  • Social sites are most popular with urbanites (70%)
  • Social media is most popular with women (71%)
  • Social media use is statistically stratified, meaning its use tapers with old age

None of those statistics are too shocking, in earnest. Anyone could have predicted most of the above, but it's nice to see our suspicions confirmed, right?

Compelling numbers

  • The 18 - 29 demographic has dropped from 92% social media usage to 83% since December 2012
  • The only demographic that has increased its social media usage since December 2012 is the 30 - 49 age group

Now, let's compound that information with some subtle surprises courtesy of data from NextAdvisor and Pew Research.

  • Tumblr, a micro-blogging site aimed at youth, is more popular with adults than with teens
  • Pinterest and Instagram are also more popular with adults
  • 60% of the 50 - 64 year olds uses social media
  • 43% (nearly half!) of the 65 and over age group are using social media

You mean, grandma might be posting and tweeting?


So there's your food for thought. No matter who your buyer personas describe, chances are good that you can find them via social media. If your customer is the pensioner, the baby boomer, of the thirty-something, there's good reason to pursue those demographics through social media. While all the data seems to confirm that, sure enough, the kids love social media more than anyone, social media is still a strong outlet for reaching all demographics.

Even grandma.

Who are your customers? Are your social media efforts aiming for them, or is it just a shot in the dark? What's your strategy for dealing with social media demographics?

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